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2018 Winter Camp Dates are posted below
Aug 26, 2008, 11:02 pm

Congratulations to Brayden Giannone - 2018 Kentucky Folkstyle State Champion

Congratulations to Team Miron Wrestlers at the Ironman Touranment

Braxton Amos, 220# - Champion

Jake Marsh, 152# - 4th Place

Carson Kharchla, 170# - 5th Place


Congratulations to Team Miron Wrestlers at the Super 32 Tournament

High School Division

Braxton Amos, 220# - Champion

Carson Kharchla, 160# - 3rd Place

Middle School Division

Luke Geog, 128# - Champion

Noah Ewen, 138# - 3rd Place

Gabe Sollars, 145# - 6th Place

Ismael Ayoub, 120# - 7th Place


Congratulations to 2017 Cadet Nationals Champion

Braxton Amos, 220# - 2X Champion, All-American Cadet, Freestyle 

Braxton Amos, 220# - 2X Champion, All-American Cadet, Greco Roman

Congratulations to 2017 Cadet/Junior Nationals Placers

Joe Lee, 160# - 3rd Place, All-American Junior, Freestyle

Carson Kharchla, 160# - 4th Place, All-American Junior, Freestyle

Gus Sutton, 126# - 6th Place, All-American Cadet, Freestyle

Brett McIntosh, 152# - 7th Place, Alk-American Cadet, Greco Roman

Brett McIntosh, 152# - 8th Place, All-American Cadet, Freestyle


TEAM MIRON WRESTLING HAS MOVED! Our new location - 6771 Dublin Center Drive, Dublin, OH.  This is just across the parking lot from our old facility, in the same shopping plaza, next to Frontgate Outlet.


 Congratulations to Kaleb Romero, 170#, D3 - 4X Ohio High School State Champion

Congratulation to Grade School State Champions

Neal Krysty, D3, 60# - 4X OAC State Champion

Max Ray, D4, 120# - 5X OAC State Champion

Dylan Russo, D4, 130# - 2x OAC State Champion

Christopher Coates, 12 under, 72# - Kansas State Wrestling Tournament

Hunter Taylor, 12 under, 68# - Kansas State Wrestling Tournament

Congratulations to OAC Grade School State Placers

Omay Ayoub, D4, 70# - 2nd Place, OAC Grade School Tournament

Charlie Mitchell, D4, 95# - 3rd Place, OAC Grade School Tournament

Dylan Newsome, D4, 110# - 4th Place, OAC Grade School Tournament

Jack Lee, D4, 90# - 7th Place, OAC Grade School Tournament

Matthew Hart, D4, 80# - 6th Place, OAC Grade School Tournament

Congratulations to High School State Champions

Joe Lee, 152# - 2x Champion, Indiana High School State Championship

Alex Rhine, 132#, D3 - Ohio High School State Championship

Hayden Brown, 113# - New England High School Championship

AJ Pedro, 182# - New England High School Championship

Hunter Verge, 106# - Vermont High School Championship

Congratulations to High School State Placers

Cody Huston, 160# - Runner Up, Kentuchy High School State Championship

Nathan Dugan, 170# - Runner Up, North Carolina High School State Championship

Kobe Early, 106# - Runner Up, North Carolina High School State Championship

AJ Pedro, 182# - Runner Up, All-American, Prep Nationals 

Tyler Traves, 10 and Under - Runner Up, Virginia State Championships

Matthew Cardello, 113#, D2 - 3rd Place, Ohio High School State Championship

Quinton Kelley, 152#, D2 - 3rd Place, Ohio High School State Championship

Robbie Bowers, 182#, D2 - 4th Place, Ohio High School State Championship

Chase Brown, 132# - 4th Place, Tennessee High School State Championship

Drew Fairbanks, 138#, D1 - 5th Place, Ohio High School State Championship

Jayden Hefner, 132#, D2 - 5th Place, Ohio High School State Championship

Hayden Brown, 113# - 5th Place, All-American, Prep Nationals

Gus Sutton, 120#, D1 - 6th Place, Ohio High School State Championship

Max Boyd, 182#, D1 - 7th Place, Ohio High School State Championship

Blake Saito, 106#, D1 - 7th Place, Ohio High School State Championship

Jordan Ward, 126#, D1 - 7th Place, Ohio High School State Championship

Matthew Lee, 126# - 7th Place, Indiana High School State Championship

Congratulations to Jr. High School State Champions and Placers

Justin White - West Virginia State Champion

Douglas Terry, 114# - 2nd Place, OAC Jr. High State Tournament

Luke Geog, 120# - 3rd Place, OAC Jr. High State Tournament

Bryce Keckley, D5 (JH 11-14), 157# - 3rd Place OHIOWay State Tournament

Ismael Ayoub, 108# - 4th Place, OAC Jr. High State Tournament

Andrew Donahue, 146# - 4th Place, OAC Jr. High State Tournament

Noah Ewen, 132# - 4th Place, OAC Jr. High State Tournament

Jimmy Baumann, 102# - 7th Place, OAC Jr. High State Tournament

Tyler Hisey, 78# - 8th Place, OAC. Jr. High State Tournament

Duke Myers, 105# - 8th Place ISWA Schoolboy State Tournament


Congratulations to NHSCA High School National Placers

Carson Kharchla, 160#, Sophomore - 3rd Place

Cole Foor, 160#, Freshman - 5th Place

Congratulations Team Miron Wrestlers placing at the 2017 UWW Freestyle Cadet Nationals

Carson Kharchla - 6th Place


New Camp Dates for 2018

* New Weekend Camp Dates *

Jan. 20-21, 2018 - Weekend Camp

Feb. 3-4, 2018 - Weekend Camp

Feb. 17-18, 2018 - Weekend Camp - Full & CLOSED

Additional camp dates to be posted soon

Additional camp information provided on the camp registration forms.  Camp registration forms are located at "Hot Downloads" on the black column on the left side of this website.


Team Miron Wrestling Club
The 2017-18 Team Miron Wrestling Club season will begin October 18, 2017.  Sessions to be offered for the 2017-18 season are listed below.  

Sunday Club session 3:30-5:30 PM

Monday/Wednesday Club (High School Session) 7:15-9:00 PM

Monday/Wednesday Club (Youth, Jr. High School Session) 5:30-7:15 PM

All returning club members will have the first opportunity to sercure their spots on the 2017-18 club team.

If you are not a club member and interested in being a part of the Team Miron Wrestling, please contact Coach Miron through this web site to set up a try-out and evaluation session.  

If you are interested in joining the Team Miron Wrestling Club in the fall of 2017, participating in Team Miron Wrestling Camps during the summer is highly recommended to begin training in the Coach Miron wrestling system and program.

Reach the next level, become a member of the Team Miron Wrestling Club.



ATTENTION PARENTS STAYING WITH WRESTLERS ATTENDING THE TEAM MIRON CAMPS:  Discounted hotel rooms for Team Miron Parents and Wrestlers.  PLEASE make your hotel reservations by contacting: 
Jim Jachimiak, Sales Manager at Cloverleaf Suites at 614.766.7762 OR
Carla Rider, Sales Manager at Dublin Crowne Plaza Hotel at 614-760-7915
Make your reservation early, limited rooms with Team Miron rate, available two weeks before camp start date.  
Why should you attend a Team Miron Camp?  
 People travel from all over the country to train with Miron to learn the system that he teaches of wrestling skills and techniques
  • Miron teaches every session
  • Miron gives his best at each session because he wants every wrestler to improve and utilize these techniques on the mat.
  • The focus of each camp is to learn the techniques taught by Miron and drilling these techniques correctly
  • This is not a "live wrestling camp only".  These camps emphasize developing the proper skills and techniques and performing set-ups correctly. 
  • Small camp size, average of only 30 wrestlers per camp.  Register early to reserve your spot.  All summer camps last year sold out before each camp began.
  • No matter what level you are when you attend a Team Miron wrestling camp - you will improve!
  • Receive the best international and world freestyle training from Miron, in addition to folk style training.  This summer training builds and establishes a solid foundation in techniques to become a champion.
  • Reach the next level - Many campers and parents recognize the improvements developed from training with Miron and return for additional training with Miron.  96% of wrestlers attending Team Miron camps have attended a previous Team Miron camp.
  • Prove it by results - Many in state and out of state champions attribute their success to training with Miron.  Click on Hall of Champions to see the many "Miron Trained" achievements and champions.
To read more about what people say about Coach Miron, click on "guestbook" on left column of this web page.
My Wrestling Facility - New Location
Miron Kharchilava holds all weekend camps, club, and private sessions at the Team Miron Wrestling Facility in Dublin, OH. This facility is located at 6771 Dublin Center Road, Dublin, OH  43017.  The new wrestling facility is still in the same shopping plaza, just across the parking lot from the old location.  The new location is next to the Frontgate Outlet store.  This location has much to offer for housing, food, and activities for my local wrestlers and parents, as well as my wrestlers and paing from oustide of central Ohio.  The Columbus airport is 20 minutes from my facility.  I look forward to continue working with my club and camp members who have stuck with my system.  Let's reach the next level!  I will prove it by results when you stay consistent with my training program.

Please keep Mason's family and friends in your prayers.

Mason will always be in our hearts

Congratuations to Brayden Giannone - 2018 Kentucky Folkstyle State Champion 

Congratulations Super 32 Champions and Placers. Pictured from the left: Coach Joe Ward, Luke Geog, 120# - Super 32 Champion - Middle School, Braxton Amos, 220# - Super 32 Champion - High School,  Coach Miron, Carson Kharchla, 160# - 3rd Place, High School, Coach Nick V, Coach Deangelo, missing Noah Ewen, 138# - 3rd Place, Middle School.  Great job by all of the Team Miron Wrestlers who participated in this great event.  

Congratulations Braxton Amos!!!2X Fargo Nationals Freestyle Champion, 2X Fargo National Greco Roman Champion

Congratulation Kaleb Romero, future Ohio State University Buckeye.  4X OHSAA State Champion, D3, 160# - Kaleb Romero with Coach Miron.  

Three State Champions and Five Placers at OAC Grade School State Tournament.  From Left: Coach Jedd Moore, Omar Ayoub - 2nd Place, Dylan Russo - Champion, Matthew Hart - 8th Place, Max Ray - Champion, Neal Krysty - Champion, Charlie Mitchell - 3rd Place, Coach Joe Ward, Coach Miron, Jack Lee - 7th Place.  Congratulations!

Congratulations High School Nationals Placers! From Left: Carson Kharchla, Sophomore, 160# - 3rd Place, Coach Deangelo, Cole Foor, Freshman, 160# - 5th Place

Congratulations Team Miron!  OAC Jr. High School State Placers, from Left:  Coach Miron, Noah Ewens - 4th place, Luke Geog - 3rd Place, Jimmy Baumann - 7th Place, Douglas Terry - 2nd Place, Ismael Ayoub - 4th Place, Coach Muncrief, Missing: Andrew Donahue - 4th Place, Tyler Hisey - 8th Place

Congratulations to ASICS National Champions (Fargo, ND)!!!!!Pictured from the left: Nick Lee, 138# - 2016 Freestyle Junior National Champion, Coach Miron and Braxton Amos, 195# - 2016 Freestyle Cadet National Champion and also 2016 Greco Roman Cadet National Champion

Coach Miron at the 2016 IHSAA State Tournament with the Lee family. From left, Matthew Lee, Coach Miron, Chris Lee, Joe Lee, 145#- Indiana State Champion and Nick Lee , 132# - Indiana State Runner-up

Coach Miron with Joe Lee, 138#, Cadet National Champion and Carson Kharchla, 132#, 4th place

5 State Champions!  Congratulations to Dylan Russo, Andrew Donahue, Dylan Newsome, Max Ray, and Neal Krysty - 2015 OAC Grade School State Champions!

Congratulations Nick Lee!!! 2014 Cadet National Freestyle Champion (Fargo), 2014 Oustanding Wrestler (Fargo)
 Miron Kharchilava
* 3 Years Indiana University Assistant Coach

* 6 Years Ohio State Assistant Coach

* Soviet National Champion

* NAIA National Champion

* NAIA Outstanding Wrestler

* Former Member of Soviet National Team

* Soviet University National Champion MVP (Same as NCAA Championships)
Congratulations! Carson Kharchla, 170# - Champion, Most Outstanding Wrestler, 2017 Brecksville Holiday Wrestling Tournament
Coach Miron and Tyler Traves, Congratulations Tyler, USA Nationals Champion -Intermediate 70#; NUWAY Nationals 70# - Champion
Team Miron Wrestling
2015 OAC Grade School State Tournament - Champions, Placers, and Qualifiers

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